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Lt. Gen. (ret) The Honorable Roméo Dallaire

Canadian Humanitarian
Due to the PTSD he suffered from the horrors of the genocide, Lieutenant-General (ret) Roméo Dallaire was medically released from the military in 2000. Since then, Dallaire has worked tirelessly in shaping the dialogue within public discourse to create a momentum towards tangible solutions on mental health issues. He speaks with compassion and insight on how the challenges and disagreements on treating mental illness can affect all of us. As mental health wounds are not always visible on the exterior, Dallaire speaks on how much more needs to be done so that those suffering in silence cannot just survive, but thrive.

Like many mental health illnesses, problem gambling can be an invisible wound resulting from a greater injury or problem. Be inspired and re-ignite your purpose as Lt. Gen. Roméo Dallaire shares his approach to focusing on finding solutions rather than the problems to move the needle on success.

Lt. Gen. (ret) Roméo Dallaire’s courage and leadership during his United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda, earned him the Meritorious Service Cross, the United States Legion of Merit, the Aegis Award on Genocide Prevention. His defiant dedication to humanity during that mission has been well-documented in films and books, including his own award-winning account: Shake Hands with the Devil: the Failure of Humanity in Rwanda.

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